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Normal, What’s That?

1 Jul

The past couple weeks have been nuts!!! There has been nothing normal about it. We have been on the go and travelled more miles than my tired tushy cares to think about. I figured I’d throw out a quick and dirty recap for you though.

In my last post that was, well, forever ago, I told you about my first out-of-town work trip. I went to Pickwick with my friend Angela. I was excited and nervous about my first trip without either of my boys and took this picture from our balcony the day we got there.


Besides all the learning and the majorly long ride we had on the third day of the trip, we had a little time to take in the beautiful scenery that is Pickwick and the Tennessee River.


Angela and I headed back around noon on Friday and made it home in time to see Bennett for a few hours before Chris and I hit the road for a town outside Indianapolis. We left at 2 am and by the time Chris took this picture, we had been on the road for nearly four hours.


You know I had to take a picture of the stadium where the Colts play since my boy Peyton used to play there.


We got to Indy just before 10 am, took about an hour to stretch our legs, and then hit the road for another seven or so hours before we got to my dad’s in Paris, TN. We woke up early Sunday to head home to our B. Why did we make this fast, but long trip? So we could replace an item that brings so much joy to our little family. If I show you this picture of B from Sunday afternoon, can you guess what it is?


Yep, we got a new boat! No, I don’t like it as much as our last boat, but Chris is in love and I know he’s got big plans to make it everything I want it to be (mostly).

Chris had to leave Monday morning for Oklahoma City for work. I know he was slaving away and missed us terribly. Hold on, nope, nevermind. He was working in a ridiculously  cool mall and staying in a great hotel. If you follow him on Instagram, I’m sure you saw the pics of the pretty pool in his hotel and his fave new restaurant, Twin Peaks (in his words “like Hooters, but with better food”).

Well, my girls called with a great idea. They suggested we drive to Nashville for some fun in the sun and a little shopping. The Opryland Hotel gives teachers a discount and you’d think that means a funky room in the basement, but we had a great room with a beautiful view. If you’ve never been to the hotel, I would highly recommend it for your next trip to Nashville.

When we arrived on Tuesday, we went straight to Nashville Shores, which is a huge water park with fun stuff for people of all ages. Afterwards, we checked into the hotel, got cleaned up, and went to a restaurant in the resort for dinner. The food was amazing, but the atmosphere and scenery were unbeatable. Bennett was so confused by the abundant foliage and couldn’t understand that we were still in the building.

We got up Wednesday ready to explore the other sections of this 3,000 room resort. I just could not get over how incredible it was. My pictures don’t do it justice, especially since my camera died less than halfway through.




We checked out of the hotel and headed over to the Opry Mills Mall. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and then spent hours upon hours shopping in many outlet stores and several stores I’ve only shopped online and in my dreams.

After this whirlwind trip to Nashville, Bennett and I passed the time until Chris got home Saturday night. Ahhhhhhh, now we are back together, in our house, back to normal…until mid-week when we hit the water to celebrate the 4th of July.

Hope you are enjoying your summer no matter how abnormal it may be:)



My Kind of Town

2 Jun

I’ve talked a little bit before about the small town that I was raised in and where I chose to move back to start my adult life. The town of Munford has a motto that is posted right in the middle of town. As you pass the small city hall you will see “My Kind of Town.”

I’ve always thought of this as my kind of town. When I moved to Memphis during college, I enjoyed being close to school and being just down the road from the mall, downtown, or anything else that I might want to get into, but I always knew that I would be coming back home to Munford.

All of the other education majors would ask about why I would choose to teach in Tipton County if I could make more money working out in Memphis. My friend and I would tell them about the great atmosphere and southern hospitality that make it ideal for settling down and raising a family.

I love that many of my childhood friends still live here. I love that many of our parents were friends and our families have known each other forever. I love that our kids can grow up together and that I can, generally speaking, trust anybody.  I love that there are teachers in our schools who taught us and that I had teachers who taught my parents.  I love that, even though our town has grown at an amazing rate,  giving us many more things to do in town, we can still drive down roads that don’t look like cluttered neighborhoods. We can find a country road where we may not see a house or another car for miles. We can see beautiful green pastures and fields and glimpses of the Mississippi River.

However, this past Thursday night, while we were at Bennett’s last ball game of the season,  a thieving predator swooped into our driveway and drove away with our boat. The bottom-feeding loser had to be watching because 14 minutes after I pulled out of the driveway, a friend identified the boat several miles from our house. He must have seen that Chris and B had their uniforms on and that we wouldn’t be back for a while. I guess he knew what he was doing.

What he didn’t know is that almost every house he passed for the first mile is a relative of mine. He also didn’t know that his truck would be identified by my aunt, a cousin, and two other friends as he drove down this road. You see, another reason that Munford is my kind of town is because there are so many people here that are willing to look out for each other and lend a helping hand. So, although the police have not located the boat, they do have leads that are helping them with the search.

I have been very upset by this violation to my personal property, not only because of the principle, but also because I had to watch my 4-year-old son cry because his boat and brand new fishing pole had been taken. We have had so many good times on that boat whether it be fishing in a local lake or just hanging out on the Mississippi or Tennessee Rivers.

So, as I sit inside on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon, when I would normally be cruising on my boat, I have a message for the low life SOB that has some bad karma headed his way:

A) You will reap what you sow and must face the consequences at some point.

B) You may have taken this


But you will never take all of the wonderful memories that were made


or the ones that are yet to be made.



C) Just so you know, we don’t take kindly to folks like you around here. So, if I were you I’d take my ass somewhere else because these country folk may appear pure as gold, but we all have a little redneck that’s ready to come out when someone does our people wrong.

This leach on society has my invitation to pack his crap and hit the road, because THIS is MY KIND OF TOWN.