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So Long, Suckers

18 Jun

I’m leaving for my first out-of-town business trip tomorrow. I’ll be gone for four days. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but I have never been away from Bennett longer than two days. I haven’t been the least bit worried since I worked out a schedule for who would be keeping B during the day…until yesterday.

Chris, B, and I were driving down the road and I was explaining the schedule. Chris gave me the craziest look and asked something along the lines of “How do I know what he’s supposed to wear?” I know you’re thinking he must be the least hands-on father ever, but he’s actually awesome and extremely involved.  He just doesn’t do things the way I do, which is fine, as long as the kid isn’t leaving the house And no one is trying to set foot through the door.


A  couple weeks ago Lindsey told me she put dinner in the Crockpot for her family since she’d be out for the night. I told her that I had the “so long, suckers” attitude. You know the frame of mind where you think “They can fend for themselves. As long as they’re alive when I get back, then we’re good to go.” But yesterday I kind of panicked.

So today I cleaned the house so that their Tazmanian Devil-like behavior wouldn’t compound mess on top of mess, laid out four days worth of clothes, which are in piles across the dresser to be worn in order from left to right, and went to the grocery store and purchased snacks and food that require no more prep than being popped in the oven and flopped on the plate.

Now I’m getting a little excited to get away, relax, and see if they can make it without me and learn something new. I’m going with one of my best friends and, since we’re going to a town that I’m pretty familiar with, I am determined that we are going to have a blast. I know I’m going to miss my guys, but I’m looking forward to this girl’s vaca/work thing.

Cross your fingers for us and if you see B this week and he doesn’t match, say a prayer, because Chris abandoned my plan:)

Have a great week!