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4 Things I Love About Blogging

28 May

I started blogging on January 1st of this year. I decided to give it a try to help keep me accountable for sticking to goals that I set for myself.  Although the frequency of my posts varies, there are consistent reasons that I love blogging.

1) One of my original goals was to document more of our lives. I wanted to do a better job of keeping up with the things my family does and the amazingly fast growth process that Bennett is going through.  I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but I already love going back occasionally and reading a post or looking at some of the older pictures I’ve posted.  It is cheaper than printing a million pictures and allows me to describe the events in more detail than I would in a scrapbook.

2) Blogging has allowed me to make connections with friends and family, old and new. I’ve had old friends tell me they like reading my posts and keeping up with the things that we’re doing even though we don’t get to talk very much.  I’ve seen family members that we haven’t seen in years that say they read my posts to watch Bennett grow and change. I’ve also connected with new friends that either write their own blogs or just enjoy reading blogs.  Some of these women have given me good ideas, tips, and support which has been greatly appreciated.

3) Who can pass up cheap therapy? Sometimes I just feel better after sitting down and putting my thoughts out there. I’ve told you I’m very social, but every now and then I just need to vent without getting tons of feedback. Typing out these posts allows me to think things through and really wrap my mind around them.

4) This last thing really hit me today. I’ve been way off of my routine with eating and working out and after taking the time to catch up on my blog reading, I feel inspired to get out there and get back to it.  I’ve looked up some new recipes to try this summer while I’m off and I’m just waiting on sunset to hit the pavement. This is one of my favorite things about blogging, knowing I can jump on the Internet at any time and read tons of motivating women’s stories.


What’s your favorite thing about blogging or reading blogs?




Who Am I?

28 May

Who am I? You mean you don’t know? Well, that’s probably because I have been MIA for weeks.

I’ve had an extremely busy and crazy last few weeks.  I kinda got in a funk that has had me thinking about too much stuff that I’d rather not.

Thankfully, the school year ended last Friday and I kicked my summer off with a fun-filled, relaxing weekend at the lake. So, I decided I should reintroduce myself and explain a little more about this mommy’s mission.


-am a mom who desperately wants her son to grow up to be a loving, happy, productive member of society.

-a wife that loves to make her husband happy, but firmly believes in give and take.

-am very social and thrive on the relationships I have with family and friends.

-will shut down if you push me too far or try to force me to do something that I don’t like or believe in.

-love to laugh.

-question everything and over-analyze possible outcomes. Chris likes to call me “Worse Case Scenario.”

-love to have a clean house, but refuse to miss out on fun with my family to keep it that way. WARNING: My house will fail the white glove test so don’t bother.

-am soooo indecisive and almost always wonder if I should have chosen something different.

– really want to be healthy and in great shape, but I love food too much and fall off the workout wagon too often.

-am sensitive and take many things to heart, but I don’t like to get too mushy gushy.

-am caring and compassionate, but I have to shut some stuff out because it piles up on me  and puts me in a funk such as the one I’ve been in recently.

-like to remind myself that no matter how bumpy the road is, we only get one ride, so we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

What do you remind yourself when the ride gets rough?


Little of This, Little of That

6 May

Happy Monday people!  Another weekend in the books before my summer officially starts (sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing it already, but at this point in the year, it’s what’s keeping me going).

This was one of those weekends when you don’t have anything on the books and yet you still manage to go, go, go.

Saturday morning I dropped off my truck to get the oil changed and my mom scooped me up for a little shopping to kill some time.  We started out at an estate sale where my mom picked up several designer skirts and jackets for work.  She also walked out with a beautiful vintage coat for $10!

As I looked around, I spied a picture that looked like something my grandfather would have framed in his shop before he died.  I reached to the back to feel for the felt bumpers he always used and knew immediately it had to be his.  We removed the picture from the wall and found the sticker with his business name and address, which he placed on every picture that made its way through his shop.  I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t really care what it even looked like, but it has a gorgeous picture of an old church.  I can’t wait to get it hung in our office spare bedroom junk/craft room.

We then went over to the local Elk’s Lodge since they were hosting a Shopping Shindig to help raise money for Relay for Life.  The event featured many local vendors and included things like body wraps, bra fittings, and deals galore.  I grabbed up a discounted gift certificate for a spray tan and an adorable new top, which you may have seen yesterday if you follow me on Instagram, from CoCo Clothing Company, which you can check out on IG (@cococlothingco) or FB.

Later on, Chris, Bennett, and I ventured out to Memphis to take advantage of some of the complimentary meals that Bahama Breeze gave me when I was there last week.  We also went to see The Croods.  I laughed and laughed at the movie and then Chris laughed and laughed at me because I also bawled my eyes out at the end.

Yesterday I woke up with a mission to get the house in shape.  I worked for a few hours and then went down to my mom’s house so she could check the hem on a pair of pants she’s making for me.  They are going to be awesome.  You’ll have to look for them next weekend on IG because I’ll probably wear them on Saturday since my baby brother is finally graduating from the U of M with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  I am SO proud of him.

After that, I went to dinner with Chris, B, Hunter, Timorie, my mom, and stepdad.  We just couldn’t pass up celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  If you didn’t see me pictures from that escapade, then you MUST check them out on IG.  I swear my husband must have been Mexican in his first life.

I ended the day with a trip to the gym to give Tabata a try.  I found a link to some examples of the workouts on Peanut Butter Fingers a few days ago and thought they looked tough but fun.  It was definitely hard working my way through the routine, but I felt great!  Between each set of exercises, I did 10 minutes on either the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.  I will be doing this again for sure!

I have to say that finding the picture was one of the best moments of the weekend.  Have you ever happened upon a treasure that reminded you of a family member?

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!

Thanks for reading,



Dangling a Carrot

18 Apr

As a teacher, I encounter a child almost every year that is unmotivated to do the things that I need and/or want them to do.  This is something that all teachers struggle with, motivating the unmotivated learner.  I have sat through entire training sessions on this very topic.

I remember so many things running through my head:  What are some of these parents doing?  Why is their kid like this?  What have they done up to this point that has caused their kid to be this way?  I couldn’t handle it if my personal kid was like this.

Well, we all know that God likes to teach us lessons, especially when we think we can’t do something (or we say we would never).  Bennett can be very laid back about things, but he  is normally a wild child when it comes to playing.

He has enjoyed baseball up to this point, and he says he still likes it, but Tuesday night he was on the verge of sedation.  It was driving me INSANE.  I can deal with him being unable to do something, but when I know he can, it infuriates me for him to not try to do his best.  I think it’s one of his strong-willed ways of showing me that I can’t control him.

B Hustling to field

Check out the way he “hustled” onto the field while trying to carefully step on the white lines.

B dragging bat

He picked up the speed a little bit when he was up to bat, but drug the bat the whole way as if it were too heavy to lift.

B batting

Chris talked to B about keeping his eye on the ball and hitting it hard when the coach pitched it to him.  B’s response: Nah, I like to hit it off the tee better.

B running

He didn’t even attempt to run as fast as he does when playing with Klyde or racing with his friends.  Instead, he barely jogged to first base while kicking his legs out to the side.  We asked him why he didn’t run as fast as he can.  His response:  I just didn’t want to.  Uuugghhhh!

He is normally very observant and didn’t even notice when another runner was headed toward the base he was standing on.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my baby and I am so very proud of him, but…

What is he doing?  Making me eat my words.

I know it’s his first season and only game two.

I know he will get better.

I know this is a learning process for him…and me.

Buuuuuuuttttttttt, I can’t stand it!

I am not above a little bribery, but I want to help him become  intrinsically motivated to work hard and try his best.  There won’t always be a cool prize at the end of the job.  This is so important to me because I AM a teacher and I SEE kids that behave in ways that I don’t want my child to behave.

Where is my parenting handbook?  I get an instruction manual with some of the most rediculously self-explanatory things, and I get this complicated individual, and basically one shot to get it right, with no one right or wrong way to do it.

Help!  I need some ideas.  How do you motivate an unmotivated child???

Thanks for reading,



Tax Day

15 Apr

Happy Monday folks!  I am riding a high straight off a fantastic weekend and I’m hoping that it will carry me through to the weekend.

We had a very busy weekend that started with a tax appointment and baseball practice, both at 5:00 on Friday.  I worked out a solution to my timing problem so that Bennett could be at practice and I could get our taxes done.  Does anyone hate filing taxes as bad as I do?

After finishing at the tax place, I went to B’s practice and whipped out my camera.  I have decided that I’m going to take tons of pictures of all the boys this year and make a DVD for each of them at the end of the season with a montage of all the pictures set to music.  I figured this would be a cool (and inexpensive) way to document the season.  I only took 111 photos in the 45 minutes that I was at practice.  I got some cool action shots of the boys practicing and goofing off behind the scenes.

Laura had a birthday party for her hubby Saturday, so I decided to start the day by taking B down to enjoy the fun.  I was hoping that Lindsey‘s son would be there to play, but we never saw them while we were there.

My brother and Timorie live just down from Laura and they were planning on going to the crawfish festival in Midtown, so Bennett and I went to their place to visit and join in the fun.

We met up with my mom and stepdad at the festival and walked around for a few minutes.  I tried my first beer from Bosco’s and thought it was pretty good.  I think it is definitely worth another try sometime.  I also ran into my good buddy A.D., which you saw if you follow me on Instagram.  He has been a good friend of mine and Chris’s for a long time and we just don’t get to see him as much as we’d like.

After the festival, we decided to fill up a cooler and head to Riverside Park, which is right by Hunter’s apartment.  We grabbed their dogs, some drinks, and a few snacks for Bennett and headed across to continue enjoying the beautiful day.

B w: choc fingers

Bennett enjoying his Reese’s 

H & T w: pups

Hunter, Timorie, Myles, and Annie (and Bennett pouting in the back because he likes to pretend he’s their kid and I wouldn’t let him in the picture)

Me & B river park

B and mom (yes, the heels came off and I rolled up my pants to help me really enjoy the spring weather)

The Grizzlies were playing at 7:00 and Timorie’s parents invited us over to watch the game.  They stuffed us full of scrumptious burgers, homemade chicken quesadillas, and some s’mores to top it off.  I also had my first encounter with a guacamole that was TO DIE FOR.  They bought the guac at Miss Cordelia’s in their neighborhood, but apparently the recipe comes from Las Delicias.  It is made fresh everyday and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Bosu Ball

B got a real kick out of trying to balance on Mrs. Ann’s Bosu ball (Do I really look that awkward on it? If so, stop me while I’m ahead)

Sunday was a little bit lazier of a day with  a trip to the park so B could play and I could get in a few miles.  We did a little grocery shopping to prepare for the week and headed home.

Today went by fairly quickly, so we are well on our way to state testing.

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday too!

Thanks for reading,



Dogs Are Babies Too!

5 Mar

Today I’m linking up with Laura to tell you all about my Klyde Boy.  These ladies are hosting a link up to let everyone tell all about how much they love their fur babies.

Klyde 2

I have always been a dog lover and have owned many different breeds, but when my new husband suggested that we get a Bull Terrier after someone broke into our home about (seven years ago), I put my foot down.  I told him there was no way that I was getting any dog that had “bull” in it’s name.

He was really persistent about it though, and after A LOT of research, I realized that they were a wonderful breed with amazing personalities.  We ended up with two of them within a few months.

We got a beautiful female that we named Kenzy.  She was the most wonderful dog.  She passed away late last fall, but left a lasting impression on our family.

Our remaining Bull Terrier is named Klyde and, I’m sure if you stick around for any of my posts about playing outside or going for a run, you will see a couple pictures of momma’s boy.  You can also see lots of crazy pics of Ready to Ride Klyde if you follow me on Instagram (@jaimebyram).


This 60 pound over-grown baby thinks he is a lap dog and would rather be snuggling with me than anywhere else (unless you have a ball or a stick and you’re willing to throw it until he gets bored of you).

I have dressed this spoiled dog up in many clothes ranging from a Tennessee football jersey to waterproof snow boots.  We take him on the boat with us as much as we can stand because he loves to run and play on the beach. I will even sit uncomfortably for way too long just because I don’t want to wake my sweet boy up.

Klyde 4

It amazes me to know that I have a member of my family that is not blood, but that I love so much.  He is awesome with Bennett and I know that this loyal creature would do anything for us.


Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my furry family member.  Go check out some other animal lovers’ stories on Laura’s page.

If you’re interested in learning about adopting a member of this fantastic breed, check out Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue here.  I guarantee you will find a forever friend in one of these loving animals.

Thanks for reading,



Check My Temp ‘Cuz I’ve Got the Fever

18 Jan

Chris and I always had a plan.  We wanted two kids.  We wanted to wait as long as possible to have them. We wanted them both by the time we were 30.  Back then we thought we’d be too old and out off shape to have kids any later than that.  The original plan said one at 28 and one at 29 I think.  What were we thinking?!?

The plan changed though.  We had Bennett when we were 26.  We were so excited.  I had such an easy pregnancy.  Other than B laying on my sciatic nerve and the frequent case of heartburn (fueled by my never-ending craving for spicy food), I really had no problems at all.

This is me at a baby shower two weeks before Bennett was born.  I was fat and happy!


See those pictures in the background?  Those are two fat babies that grew up and had a fat baby.  Don’t know about you, but I LOVE fat babies.

As much as I wanted to deliver before my April Fool’s due date, my stubborn child refused to come until he was absolutely forced.  He’s like his momma in that we don’t like to wake up until we’re good and ready:). When he finally arrived, I was so drugged up I couldn’t even hold him for several hours, hence the immediate bond between him and his daddy.  I still blame this every time they gang up on me.


B was a great baby and I love him very much, but no matter how much Chris begged, there was no way I felt ready to have another baby as soon as he did.  Chris and his brother are close in age and get along well.  They grew up around the same time and had many of the same friends.  I, on the other hand, am almost 6 years older than my brother.  We get along very well, too.

I just couldn’t imagine double of everything.  I thought I just wanted to let B grow up some so I wouldn’t be paying the equivalent of a house note to a babysitter each month.  I didn’t want a ginormous stroller.  And I most certainly didn’t want to have to change 50 nasty diapers a day.

Last summer, I caved.  I let Chris talk me into  being ready.  I know it’s not all his fault, but I like to think it is just in case anything goes wrong I can blame it on him (just kidding).  I started thinking that I didn’t want my babies too far apart and I don’t want to be on maternity leave when B goes to kindergarten in August 2014.

Occasionally, Bennett would entertain the idea of our family having a baby.  He usually shrugged this off pretty quickly though.  Over the past few months, he has started talking about wanting a baby more and more.  He will come up with random questions and ideas about things he’ll do with the baby or things we need to get to be ready.  This has become a daily occurence.  He asks us all the time when we’re going to get a baby and we always give him the standard “when God thinks we’re ready” answer.  It seemed like a gentle way of putting it, that he couldn’t dispute, and it would usually get him off the subject.

Bennett’s teacher is having a baby in a few weeks.  She told me one day that, any time her baby is mentioned, B says that we are having a baby too.  If they ask him when, he tells them when God thinks we are ready.  I realized then that he was just soaking in our standard answer.

Last week, Bennett was standing in the living room and just threw himself back on the couch.  He looked up to the sky and said “Please God give us a baby!  I want a baby so bad. Please, please, please.”  This just about broke my heart.

Since last Friday, the following things have happened:  found out one friend is having a baby, another friend found out what she is having, two friends had babies, and one of them told me how excited her little boy, who is the same age as B, was to meet his little brother.  I am so happy for all of my friends.  I know each one of them will be a fantastic mother, whether it’s their first or second baby, but I have been so emotional.

I think part of it is that I didn’t even realize that I wanted a baby THAT much.  I’ve really surprised myself this week. As I looked through some old pictures tonight, I found this picture of my sweet 6 month old baby boy on his first Halloween and I felt that wave of emotion coming on again.


I reminded myself of something that is the grown-up version of my “standard answer” for Bennett.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

I have to remember that God will give us a baby when and if he thinks we’re ready.  I just have to be patient and know that He has a plan for my family that is better than any other that we could make for  ourselves.

Thanks for reading,