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How To Save Your Sanity This Summer

6 Jun

I dream about my summer vacation all year long and think about how nice it will be to not have to drag myself out of bed every morning.  And then it gets here and I spend about a week at home working around the house and I’m over it.  I do like to sleep in a little later each day, but I start getting cabin fever pretty quickly.

This year I decided I was going to nip the cabin fever in the bud before I started to question my sanity. I looked around to find some fun stuff to do without spending a ton of money and thought I’d share what I’ve found so far.

Monday I took Bennett to story hour at our local library. It was completely free and included a snack and drink.  The kids listened to a story, got to see a real piece of construction equipment (which went with the book they read), and then broke into two teams to play a game. Here is a copy of the themes Munford Library will be following each week. image

Before we left the library, Bennett picked out a book to take home for the week. He chose The Lorax by Dr. Seuss because he loves the movie. So, the next day, we read the book, watched the movie, and then pulled out the paint and sketch paper to make our own Truffula trees.  He followed my lead and painted the whole thing by himself except the actual Lorax. He didn’t make it quite as far as I did, but he had a great time while we worked on them, so I think we’ll try to do some kind of activity with each book he checks out this summer.


Our local movie theater has teamed up with several sponsors to offer a free movie on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this summer. They are also offering a child’s drink and popcorn for $3, which is much more manageable than normal prices.  We went this Wednesday and have already snagged tickets to next week’s show as well. Here is a copy of the schedule for the movies at Atoka’s Cineplanet 16.


A friend reminded me about kidsbowlfree.com.  This program is offered across the country and offers registered kids two free games of bowling each day throughout the summer.  Shoe rental is not included, but only costs $2. You can also get a family pass for up to 4 adults for about $25. This allows each of the adults to play up to two free games per day with the children.  I think this is a steal!

Otherwise, I think our days will be filled with swimming with friends and play dates at the park.

Got any other summer sanity saving ideas? I’d love to hear them!



Decisions, Decisions and a Link-up

8 Mar

Do you ever feel like it’s feast or famine when it comes to having something to do on the weekends?  This is one of those weekends.  Usually, I would have nothing to do, but this weekend it kinda piled up on me real quick like.

I have a cake for a friend’s son’s birthday party, which Bennett was supposed to attend.  Then, I got a really cool message from the Social Media Coordinator at Lifetime TV inviting me to attend a function at the Southern Women’s Show.  Last Sunday, my FIL called to tell me their family reunion was this Saturday as well…and it’s a few hours away.  Finally, Bennett got a birthday invitation to another party this weekend that is for the little girl whose wish was just granted a few weeks ago.

decisions 2

OMG…this is totally stressful y’all!  I really want to do it all! I have battled myself over this all week long.  On one hand, I want to be the good wife and DIL and go to the reunion.  On the other, how often do you get contacted by Lifetime TV?!?  Also, this is an important birthday party for the child in B’s class because she has never been well enough to have one and the outlook is so grim (I’ve shed sooo many tears over this one this week).

After talking to Chris, my mother, my friend Jennifer, and the MIL, I’ve decided to be a little greedy and attend the Southern Women’s Show.  If Bennett makes it back into town in time to attend the last few minutes of the girl’s birthday party, we will also go to that.  Either way, I’ve got a small gift to help her feel like the princess she is.  Bennett said she is definitely a princess.  When asked why, he told us he saw it (at the Make-a-Wish reveal).

Decisions 3

Hopefully, these will not be decisions I regret.  I will be blowing up my Instagram with pictures of the events I’m sure. So if you’re not following me, jump on the bandwagon (@jaimebyram).  Otherwise, I will let you know all about it next week.

Now for a link-up with my girl Lora.

Raising Steppe Sisters

I think this is a great idea since this has been a crazy week and I have definitely gotten behind on my blog reading.  You know…I read a few good ones, you read a few good ones, then we switch:).

My favorite post this week was really heartfelt and made me think about way back in middle and high school as well as the way I see some of my kids now.  Lindsey addresses “mean girls” and how nasty we can really get sometimes.

Another post that I liked this week was from Misty.  I love The Hunger Games trilogy and this post got me so pumped about the next movie.  I devoured these books in no time and was able to drag the hubs to the theater to watch it with me.  As we drove home, he said “I can’t wait to see the next one.”  I am so ready!

Last, but not least, is Laura’s link-up.  Laura has an adorable dog named Cody.  Chris and Bennett want a dog like this next time and now that I’ve seen her adorable pictures I think I agree.  I can see a a future momma’s boy waiting to happen! I linked-up with Laura and a few of her pals for this and enjoyed all of the blog posts that I read.

Hope you like these posts as much as I did!  Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading,