Who Am I?

28 May

Who am I? You mean you don’t know? Well, that’s probably because I have been MIA for weeks.

I’ve had an extremely busy and crazy last few weeks.  I kinda got in a funk that has had me thinking about too much stuff that I’d rather not.

Thankfully, the school year ended last Friday and I kicked my summer off with a fun-filled, relaxing weekend at the lake. So, I decided I should reintroduce myself and explain a little more about this mommy’s mission.


-am a mom who desperately wants her son to grow up to be a loving, happy, productive member of society.

-a wife that loves to make her husband happy, but firmly believes in give and take.

-am very social and thrive on the relationships I have with family and friends.

-will shut down if you push me too far or try to force me to do something that I don’t like or believe in.

-love to laugh.

-question everything and over-analyze possible outcomes. Chris likes to call me “Worse Case Scenario.”

-love to have a clean house, but refuse to miss out on fun with my family to keep it that way. WARNING: My house will fail the white glove test so don’t bother.

-am soooo indecisive and almost always wonder if I should have chosen something different.

– really want to be healthy and in great shape, but I love food too much and fall off the workout wagon too often.

-am sensitive and take many things to heart, but I don’t like to get too mushy gushy.

-am caring and compassionate, but I have to shut some stuff out because it piles up on me  and puts me in a funk such as the one I’ve been in recently.

-like to remind myself that no matter how bumpy the road is, we only get one ride, so we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

What do you remind yourself when the ride gets rough?



Graduation Day

11 May

About 7 years ago, my brother asked me to write a letter for his senior project.  I included a couple of stories about our childhood, a quote from a Dr. Seuss book, and my thoughts on how he could do anything he set his mind on.

Fast forward to today and I am getting ready to head out the door to his graduation party. Tomorrow he will be walking across the stage to accept his diploma from the University of Memphis. It has taken him longer than he originally expected, but those bumps in the road and times of  doubting his career path have led to him having a greater appreciation for his education and a love for the career that he is heading into.

I am so proud of him and can’t wait to see where he’s headed from here.

This is just before my wedding in 2005. Hunter and my dad walked me down the aisle and then hunter played a beautiful instrumental on the guitar as we lit the unity candle.


My first Mother’s Day in May of 2009


In March of this year, just before we ran a 5k in honor of our mom

Race day 3

The cake I made for today’s party


Congratulations Little Brother! I love you!



Little of This, Little of That

6 May

Happy Monday people!  Another weekend in the books before my summer officially starts (sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing it already, but at this point in the year, it’s what’s keeping me going).

This was one of those weekends when you don’t have anything on the books and yet you still manage to go, go, go.

Saturday morning I dropped off my truck to get the oil changed and my mom scooped me up for a little shopping to kill some time.  We started out at an estate sale where my mom picked up several designer skirts and jackets for work.  She also walked out with a beautiful vintage coat for $10!

As I looked around, I spied a picture that looked like something my grandfather would have framed in his shop before he died.  I reached to the back to feel for the felt bumpers he always used and knew immediately it had to be his.  We removed the picture from the wall and found the sticker with his business name and address, which he placed on every picture that made its way through his shop.  I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t really care what it even looked like, but it has a gorgeous picture of an old church.  I can’t wait to get it hung in our office spare bedroom junk/craft room.

We then went over to the local Elk’s Lodge since they were hosting a Shopping Shindig to help raise money for Relay for Life.  The event featured many local vendors and included things like body wraps, bra fittings, and deals galore.  I grabbed up a discounted gift certificate for a spray tan and an adorable new top, which you may have seen yesterday if you follow me on Instagram, from CoCo Clothing Company, which you can check out on IG (@cococlothingco) or FB.

Later on, Chris, Bennett, and I ventured out to Memphis to take advantage of some of the complimentary meals that Bahama Breeze gave me when I was there last week.  We also went to see The Croods.  I laughed and laughed at the movie and then Chris laughed and laughed at me because I also bawled my eyes out at the end.

Yesterday I woke up with a mission to get the house in shape.  I worked for a few hours and then went down to my mom’s house so she could check the hem on a pair of pants she’s making for me.  They are going to be awesome.  You’ll have to look for them next weekend on IG because I’ll probably wear them on Saturday since my baby brother is finally graduating from the U of M with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  I am SO proud of him.

After that, I went to dinner with Chris, B, Hunter, Timorie, my mom, and stepdad.  We just couldn’t pass up celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  If you didn’t see me pictures from that escapade, then you MUST check them out on IG.  I swear my husband must have been Mexican in his first life.

I ended the day with a trip to the gym to give Tabata a try.  I found a link to some examples of the workouts on Peanut Butter Fingers a few days ago and thought they looked tough but fun.  It was definitely hard working my way through the routine, but I felt great!  Between each set of exercises, I did 10 minutes on either the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.  I will be doing this again for sure!

I have to say that finding the picture was one of the best moments of the weekend.  Have you ever happened upon a treasure that reminded you of a family member?

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!

Thanks for reading,



Bahama Breeze Giveaway

2 May

I am SO completely late on doing this, but I have to fill you in on the fun I had last Friday night.  I was invited, along with a few other Memphis bloggers, to come to Bahama Breeze and try the Happy Hour cocktail specials and their new rice bowls.

Bahama Bloggers

Me, Jen Marie, Natalie, Sarah, Misty, and Wendy

I was expecting to try a sample of each of the six new kinds of rice bowls, but I never expected them to allow us to choose any appetizers, drinks, entrees, and desserts that we wanted as well.  I was in fat girl heaven. They went above and beyond as far as service and hospitality are concerned.

I started out with the Ultimate Margarita.  This wasn’t really for me.  I’m more of a beer and wine kinda girl and it was just way too sweet for me.  When our waiter came back, I explained my preferences and that I like more of a tart flavor when it comes to mixed drinks.  He suggested the Yaka Hula Hickey Dula (I had to take a picture of the menu to remember the crazy name because I could only remember that it said hickey or dickey), which fit my tastes much more.

Crazy Drink

We ordered the gigantic onion rings and these coconut shrimp for appetizers and both took me to deep fried heaven.

Coconut Shrimp

For my entree, I chose the Mahi Mahi fish tacos and was pleased with my choice.

Fish Tacos

They let us try all six new rice bowls.  My favorite was the Creole Shrimp with the Chipotle Beef in second.

Food Galore

We were shocked at the number of bowls that were placed on the table and all grabbed our cameras for a quick shot before we dove in.

It was nice to see some of the wonderful ladies that I met at the last blogger meet-up and meet a new one that I’ve only seen in the blogosphere.

I will definitely be going back soon.  With the terrific temps coming up, I can’t wait to hit the deck and listen to some live island music.

Now, for the good stuff.  Bahama Breeze decided to spread the wealth and give one lucky reader a cocktail hour for 20.  This will include a drink and appetizers for an hour and then hopefully you’ll stick around and enjoy one of their delicious entrees and dessert (which we had NO room for).

The offer is good at the Wolfchase (Memphis) location and you can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck!


Takin’ Care of Business

26 Apr

Is it Friday already? Just kidding. This has been the longest week.

Bennett had two games at the beginning of the week, baseball pictures last night, a possible make-up game tonight, and an ugly stomach virus to cancel out the two previous things.

You know that never-ending pile of laundry? There is one sure-fire way to make it grow exponentially…let your baby get a stomach virus.  I’m just hoping that the rock solid immune system that comes as a perk of teaching holds up and doesn’t let me cave. I’ll never catch up on the laundry if I’m in as bad a shape as B has been.

Add a major work load, professional evaluation deadline, and the task of keeping 20 high-energy second graders silent for a week while the fifth graders across the hall take TCAP and you have one tired momma.

I’m looking forward to my real weekend since this unexpected third day off hasn’t exactly been relaxing or productive. Hopefully, it will kick off tonight because, if B is feeling better, I’m going to leave him under the care of his daddy and head to Memphis for dinner at Bahama Breeze with some other great ladies.  We’ve been invited to come try out some new menu items and happy hour cocktails. Check back next week for my thoughts on the new items and your chance to win a party for 20.

Hope your weekend gets off to a good start!

Thanks for reading,



Another Weekend for the Books

22 Apr

Ahhhhh!  That’s the sound of my sigh of relief because another Monday has come and (almost) gone.  Only four more of my least favorite day of the week and I’ll be off work for the summer.  Woohoo!

We had a cram packed weekend that didn’t slow down until we took what has to be a record-setting nap yesterday afternoon.

Friday started early with a trip to Walmart at 3:00 am so that I could pick up ingredients for a set of  birthday cupcakes.  After school, I finished and delivered the treats and then rushed home to eat dinner with Chris and Bennett before C headed out of town for a work and hunting trip.  We enjoyed this dinner with an action packed show as the Boston PD hunted down the low down dog that bombed the marathon.

After Chris left, Bennett and I met a couple of my friends at a local Mexican restaurant and visited while they ate.  I couldn’t resist a jumbo Dos Equis while we chatted.

Saturday morning came early as I had to get to Covington around 7:30 or so to register for the Go Lucy Go 5K.  I am very indecisive and, by the time I made up my mind to run on Friday afternoon, the online registration had closed.  Bennett was adamant that he wanted to “run” the race with me, so I packed up the stroller and tons of warm clothes and hit the road.

I thought it was going to be cold, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  There were tons of people from Tipton County that I knew and it was an exhilarating feeling to know that so many people had turned out to help raise money for such a great cause.

Prerace with B

Bennett and I before the race (Can you tell he didn’t want to take a picture?)


A family affair: My cousin Lora (from Raising Steppe Sisters), one of her twins (I think Alex), my cousin Audrey, Bennett, and myself

I’m not a very fast runner and normally don’t push a stroller, but I pulled out a better than expected time with about 34:30.  That was one hilly course and, needless to say, my buns were sore the next day.

There was a kid’s fun run that (I think) was about 1/2 mile and a race for the smaller kids that covered about 3/4 of the track around the CHS football field.  Bennett decided he wanted to run this, which surprised me considering he didn’t know anyone else that was doing it.   We had just talked about the importance of trying your best, regardless of whether you were going to win or lose, on the way down there.  He did a great job and finished just about in the middle of twenty or so kids.  I was super proud of him since we just had the little incident with last week’s baseball game.

Fun Run

Run, Bennett, Run (in my best Forrest Gump voice)

I also saw several  Memphis bloggers and enjoyed talking to them before and after the race.


It was great seeing Meredith, Janessa, Laura, Lora, and Laura!

After the race, Bennett and I headed home so I could begin working on a baby shower cake that I had to have finished by Sunday afternoon.  I didn’t have much time because Janessa’s daughter’s competitive softball team was having a Bunco fundraiser and I had talked my friend Wendy into going with me.

Big bunco

I got the first Big Bunco of the night and the privilege of wearing this lovely crown

We had a great time and decided to keep it up by heading to Chili’s with the gift card that Wendy won for getting the most Big Buncos.

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to finish off the baby shower cake and completed it just in time to deliver it.  Bennett and I then came home to clean up the kitchen before Chris got home.  The three of us ate a quick snack and then napped until late last night, at which point we ate another snack and hit the hay for the night.  I’m guessing we were all worn out from the busy weekend (and that all those snacks just before sleeping will not help my weigh-in this week).

One of the last things to happen just before we went to bed cracked me up enough that I had to text Lora and fill her in.  I guess I always say “Kate n’ Alex” when I’m talking about her twins. So when Bennett was telling Chris all about the fun he had at the 5K, he told him that “Katen” had taken him to the bounce house.  When I asked him who he was talking about, he said “You know Katen and Alex, the girls who look alike.”  I thought this was hilarious.  I just love the way a child’s mind works!

Thanks for reading,


Dangling a Carrot

18 Apr

As a teacher, I encounter a child almost every year that is unmotivated to do the things that I need and/or want them to do.  This is something that all teachers struggle with, motivating the unmotivated learner.  I have sat through entire training sessions on this very topic.

I remember so many things running through my head:  What are some of these parents doing?  Why is their kid like this?  What have they done up to this point that has caused their kid to be this way?  I couldn’t handle it if my personal kid was like this.

Well, we all know that God likes to teach us lessons, especially when we think we can’t do something (or we say we would never).  Bennett can be very laid back about things, but he  is normally a wild child when it comes to playing.

He has enjoyed baseball up to this point, and he says he still likes it, but Tuesday night he was on the verge of sedation.  It was driving me INSANE.  I can deal with him being unable to do something, but when I know he can, it infuriates me for him to not try to do his best.  I think it’s one of his strong-willed ways of showing me that I can’t control him.

B Hustling to field

Check out the way he “hustled” onto the field while trying to carefully step on the white lines.

B dragging bat

He picked up the speed a little bit when he was up to bat, but drug the bat the whole way as if it were too heavy to lift.

B batting

Chris talked to B about keeping his eye on the ball and hitting it hard when the coach pitched it to him.  B’s response: Nah, I like to hit it off the tee better.

B running

He didn’t even attempt to run as fast as he does when playing with Klyde or racing with his friends.  Instead, he barely jogged to first base while kicking his legs out to the side.  We asked him why he didn’t run as fast as he can.  His response:  I just didn’t want to.  Uuugghhhh!

He is normally very observant and didn’t even notice when another runner was headed toward the base he was standing on.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my baby and I am so very proud of him, but…

What is he doing?  Making me eat my words.

I know it’s his first season and only game two.

I know he will get better.

I know this is a learning process for him…and me.

Buuuuuuuttttttttt, I can’t stand it!

I am not above a little bribery, but I want to help him become  intrinsically motivated to work hard and try his best.  There won’t always be a cool prize at the end of the job.  This is so important to me because I AM a teacher and I SEE kids that behave in ways that I don’t want my child to behave.

Where is my parenting handbook?  I get an instruction manual with some of the most rediculously self-explanatory things, and I get this complicated individual, and basically one shot to get it right, with no one right or wrong way to do it.

Help!  I need some ideas.  How do you motivate an unmotivated child???

Thanks for reading,