Little of This, Little of That

6 May

Happy Monday people!  Another weekend in the books before my summer officially starts (sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing it already, but at this point in the year, it’s what’s keeping me going).

This was one of those weekends when you don’t have anything on the books and yet you still manage to go, go, go.

Saturday morning I dropped off my truck to get the oil changed and my mom scooped me up for a little shopping to kill some time.  We started out at an estate sale where my mom picked up several designer skirts and jackets for work.  She also walked out with a beautiful vintage coat for $10!

As I looked around, I spied a picture that looked like something my grandfather would have framed in his shop before he died.  I reached to the back to feel for the felt bumpers he always used and knew immediately it had to be his.  We removed the picture from the wall and found the sticker with his business name and address, which he placed on every picture that made its way through his shop.  I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t really care what it even looked like, but it has a gorgeous picture of an old church.  I can’t wait to get it hung in our office spare bedroom junk/craft room.

We then went over to the local Elk’s Lodge since they were hosting a Shopping Shindig to help raise money for Relay for Life.  The event featured many local vendors and included things like body wraps, bra fittings, and deals galore.  I grabbed up a discounted gift certificate for a spray tan and an adorable new top, which you may have seen yesterday if you follow me on Instagram, from CoCo Clothing Company, which you can check out on IG (@cococlothingco) or FB.

Later on, Chris, Bennett, and I ventured out to Memphis to take advantage of some of the complimentary meals that Bahama Breeze gave me when I was there last week.  We also went to see The Croods.  I laughed and laughed at the movie and then Chris laughed and laughed at me because I also bawled my eyes out at the end.

Yesterday I woke up with a mission to get the house in shape.  I worked for a few hours and then went down to my mom’s house so she could check the hem on a pair of pants she’s making for me.  They are going to be awesome.  You’ll have to look for them next weekend on IG because I’ll probably wear them on Saturday since my baby brother is finally graduating from the U of M with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  I am SO proud of him.

After that, I went to dinner with Chris, B, Hunter, Timorie, my mom, and stepdad.  We just couldn’t pass up celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  If you didn’t see me pictures from that escapade, then you MUST check them out on IG.  I swear my husband must have been Mexican in his first life.

I ended the day with a trip to the gym to give Tabata a try.  I found a link to some examples of the workouts on Peanut Butter Fingers a few days ago and thought they looked tough but fun.  It was definitely hard working my way through the routine, but I felt great!  Between each set of exercises, I did 10 minutes on either the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.  I will be doing this again for sure!

I have to say that finding the picture was one of the best moments of the weekend.  Have you ever happened upon a treasure that reminded you of a family member?

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!

Thanks for reading,




One Response to “Little of This, Little of That”

  1. Lora May 7, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    I love seeing that little sticker! we had so good times in that shop! Way to go Hunter!!!

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