Another Weekend for the Books

22 Apr

Ahhhhh!  That’s the sound of my sigh of relief because another Monday has come and (almost) gone.  Only four more of my least favorite day of the week and I’ll be off work for the summer.  Woohoo!

We had a cram packed weekend that didn’t slow down until we took what has to be a record-setting nap yesterday afternoon.

Friday started early with a trip to Walmart at 3:00 am so that I could pick up ingredients for a set of  birthday cupcakes.  After school, I finished and delivered the treats and then rushed home to eat dinner with Chris and Bennett before C headed out of town for a work and hunting trip.  We enjoyed this dinner with an action packed show as the Boston PD hunted down the low down dog that bombed the marathon.

After Chris left, Bennett and I met a couple of my friends at a local Mexican restaurant and visited while they ate.  I couldn’t resist a jumbo Dos Equis while we chatted.

Saturday morning came early as I had to get to Covington around 7:30 or so to register for the Go Lucy Go 5K.  I am very indecisive and, by the time I made up my mind to run on Friday afternoon, the online registration had closed.  Bennett was adamant that he wanted to “run” the race with me, so I packed up the stroller and tons of warm clothes and hit the road.

I thought it was going to be cold, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  There were tons of people from Tipton County that I knew and it was an exhilarating feeling to know that so many people had turned out to help raise money for such a great cause.

Prerace with B

Bennett and I before the race (Can you tell he didn’t want to take a picture?)


A family affair: My cousin Lora (from Raising Steppe Sisters), one of her twins (I think Alex), my cousin Audrey, Bennett, and myself

I’m not a very fast runner and normally don’t push a stroller, but I pulled out a better than expected time with about 34:30.  That was one hilly course and, needless to say, my buns were sore the next day.

There was a kid’s fun run that (I think) was about 1/2 mile and a race for the smaller kids that covered about 3/4 of the track around the CHS football field.  Bennett decided he wanted to run this, which surprised me considering he didn’t know anyone else that was doing it.   We had just talked about the importance of trying your best, regardless of whether you were going to win or lose, on the way down there.  He did a great job and finished just about in the middle of twenty or so kids.  I was super proud of him since we just had the little incident with last week’s baseball game.

Fun Run

Run, Bennett, Run (in my best Forrest Gump voice)

I also saw several  Memphis bloggers and enjoyed talking to them before and after the race.


It was great seeing Meredith, Janessa, Laura, Lora, and Laura!

After the race, Bennett and I headed home so I could begin working on a baby shower cake that I had to have finished by Sunday afternoon.  I didn’t have much time because Janessa’s daughter’s competitive softball team was having a Bunco fundraiser and I had talked my friend Wendy into going with me.

Big bunco

I got the first Big Bunco of the night and the privilege of wearing this lovely crown

We had a great time and decided to keep it up by heading to Chili’s with the gift card that Wendy won for getting the most Big Buncos.

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to finish off the baby shower cake and completed it just in time to deliver it.  Bennett and I then came home to clean up the kitchen before Chris got home.  The three of us ate a quick snack and then napped until late last night, at which point we ate another snack and hit the hay for the night.  I’m guessing we were all worn out from the busy weekend (and that all those snacks just before sleeping will not help my weigh-in this week).

One of the last things to happen just before we went to bed cracked me up enough that I had to text Lora and fill her in.  I guess I always say “Kate n’ Alex” when I’m talking about her twins. So when Bennett was telling Chris all about the fun he had at the 5K, he told him that “Katen” had taken him to the bounce house.  When I asked him who he was talking about, he said “You know Katen and Alex, the girls who look alike.”  I thought this was hilarious.  I just love the way a child’s mind works!

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3 Responses to “Another Weekend for the Books”

  1. Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels April 22, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

    Katen he is so cute!!! He is such a sweet kid. Shane said to tell him hey. I had fun and I’m so glad you came. Let me know if you decide to do the one in Rosemark this Saturday. Busy but fun weekend y’all had. ; )

  2. Janessa April 23, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    Too funny about Katen! And I had such a good time this weekend! So glad you and Wendy came to do bunco with us! Now I want to get a regular group together to play. Thanks for being my partner too. I had no clue what I was doing, lol

  3. Lora April 29, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

    can we please start up a bunco group now?!?!?! per Janessa, you are an expert! and 3 AM trip to the store?? wow. PS that’s totally Kate. 🙂

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