Tax Day

15 Apr

Happy Monday folks!  I am riding a high straight off a fantastic weekend and I’m hoping that it will carry me through to the weekend.

We had a very busy weekend that started with a tax appointment and baseball practice, both at 5:00 on Friday.  I worked out a solution to my timing problem so that Bennett could be at practice and I could get our taxes done.  Does anyone hate filing taxes as bad as I do?

After finishing at the tax place, I went to B’s practice and whipped out my camera.  I have decided that I’m going to take tons of pictures of all the boys this year and make a DVD for each of them at the end of the season with a montage of all the pictures set to music.  I figured this would be a cool (and inexpensive) way to document the season.  I only took 111 photos in the 45 minutes that I was at practice.  I got some cool action shots of the boys practicing and goofing off behind the scenes.

Laura had a birthday party for her hubby Saturday, so I decided to start the day by taking B down to enjoy the fun.  I was hoping that Lindsey‘s son would be there to play, but we never saw them while we were there.

My brother and Timorie live just down from Laura and they were planning on going to the crawfish festival in Midtown, so Bennett and I went to their place to visit and join in the fun.

We met up with my mom and stepdad at the festival and walked around for a few minutes.  I tried my first beer from Bosco’s and thought it was pretty good.  I think it is definitely worth another try sometime.  I also ran into my good buddy A.D., which you saw if you follow me on Instagram.  He has been a good friend of mine and Chris’s for a long time and we just don’t get to see him as much as we’d like.

After the festival, we decided to fill up a cooler and head to Riverside Park, which is right by Hunter’s apartment.  We grabbed their dogs, some drinks, and a few snacks for Bennett and headed across to continue enjoying the beautiful day.

B w: choc fingers

Bennett enjoying his Reese’s 

H & T w: pups

Hunter, Timorie, Myles, and Annie (and Bennett pouting in the back because he likes to pretend he’s their kid and I wouldn’t let him in the picture)

Me & B river park

B and mom (yes, the heels came off and I rolled up my pants to help me really enjoy the spring weather)

The Grizzlies were playing at 7:00 and Timorie’s parents invited us over to watch the game.  They stuffed us full of scrumptious burgers, homemade chicken quesadillas, and some s’mores to top it off.  I also had my first encounter with a guacamole that was TO DIE FOR.  They bought the guac at Miss Cordelia’s in their neighborhood, but apparently the recipe comes from Las Delicias.  It is made fresh everyday and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Bosu Ball

B got a real kick out of trying to balance on Mrs. Ann’s Bosu ball (Do I really look that awkward on it? If so, stop me while I’m ahead)

Sunday was a little bit lazier of a day with  a trip to the park so B could play and I could get in a few miles.  We did a little grocery shopping to prepare for the week and headed home.

Today went by fairly quickly, so we are well on our way to state testing.

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday too!

Thanks for reading,




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