Bennett’s First Baseball Practice

29 Mar

Happy Good Friday y’all!  I’m looking forward to doing some Easter basket and birthday shopping, dying some Easter eggs (that may not be hunted due to rain), and eating some delicious food with lots of family on Sunday.

Last Friday night, just hours into my spring break, Bennett had his first baseball practice. Those little boys were adorable.  They range in age from 4-6, with Bennett being the youngest since he won’t technically be 4 until Monday.  I knew he’d be younger and maybe a little smaller, but he doesn’t even come up to one kid’s shoulder.

He is an observer, so he watched all the bigger boys in amazement a lot of the time. I even heard him comment about another kid’s foot being so much bigger than his own. The kid looked like he was thinking “Whatever dude.”  He did a great job of paying attention to the coaches though. I think having his daddy as one of the coaches made him feel a little more comfortable.

Ball prac 2You could tell he loves his momma and daddy because he kept whisper yelling, you know like using a whisper voice but doing it so loud that most everybody can hear, to us. He asked me when he could come sit with me. He told Chris he loves him and asked for a hug at least 10 times.

We have practiced in the yard, but usually just with wiffle balls. He learned a few new techniques (or at least different terminology that helped him understand better) for catching ground balls with his alligator hand, throwing accurately by pointing his elbow, and “squashing the bug” with his back foot when batting.

Before practice was over, the coaches pulled the boys in to tell them what a great job they had done and how much better they were doing already.  Tnat’s when I got my chance to get a picture of this group of boys that’s going to have an awesome season, win or lose.

Ball practice

Since then, the team has had another practice and we’ve put in some time in our own yard.    And even though B almost froze to death Tuesday and got hit with the ball twice yesterday, he cried when it was time to go in last night, which is exactly what I want, because no matter how good or bad he may be this year, I want him to have fun and love what he’s doing.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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One Response to “Bennett’s First Baseball Practice”

  1. Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels March 29, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    So glad he had fun! My nephew just started playing baseball and I can’t wait to go watch. Happy Easter!

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