Worn Out Weekend Wrap-up

18 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Is the time change having an awful effect on anyone else? Maybe it’s just all the craziness that I’ve been up to this week, but I am one worn out couch potato today.

For some reason, this week was full of deadlines and additional responsibilities at work. Thankfully, this will be the last week of after school tutoring so I’ll be able to get home at a more reasonable time a little more often.

I stayed up late Friday night to work on a cake and then got up early Saturday morning to put the finishing touches on it.  I finished just in time to take a quick shower and rush it to Memphis for the party.

As soon as the party was over, Bennett and I made a stop at Steak n Shake because I hadn’t eaten since Friday night. Nothing really stuck out as being a good choice for my diet (except the salads which probably wouldn’t have been too safe to eat while driving down the interstate) so I went with a grilled cheese off the kids menu. Oh my goodness! That thing was sooo good.

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a special day for us. It’s the day that we started dating exclusively, thirteen years ago, and got engaged, eight years ago.  Read more about our story here. We usually go to Beale Street and party at Silky’s on St. Patrick’s Day, but we didn’t feel like going so far from home.


Chris heard about a local bar that was going to have live music so we decided to give it a try. A couple of guys we know are in the band and we heard that another friend of ours would be opening up for them. We hadn’t seen Dylan in a long time so we didn’t want to pass up a chance to see him and hear him play. He is an awesome guitar player, has a smooth voice, and writes his own music.


Dylan and the headlining band, Bloodshot Eyes, did not disappoint. We had a great time dancing, eating bar food that also ruined my diet, and getting all kinds of St. Patty’s Day loot. Chris even won a drawing for free drinks!


Today we are being super lazy and trying to get ready for the week ahead. I was asked to attend a training tomorrow so I’ll just have four days with my kiddos this week before spring break gets started. Boy am I ready!!!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend too!

Thanks for reading,



2 Responses to “Worn Out Weekend Wrap-up”

  1. Lora March 18, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    What bar is this?? FH and I have been wondering about local bars lately since Memphis is SO FAR away!

  2. Laura @ Walking in Memphis in HI gh Heels March 19, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    What bar was he playing at?

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