My Best First and Wednesday Weigh-in

6 Mar


It’s Weigh-in Wednesday and I’m here to tell you that this has not been the best week I’ve had.  I have been craving chocolate and sweets so badly this week.  I’ve tried to control the snacking, but it has taken over a few times.

I do pretty good during the week, but then the weekend hits and I dive in to something good like I did here.  This past Sunday, Chris brought home doughnuts for breakfast since he and B love them so much.  I hadn’t eaten when the wonderful smell came through the door, so of course I devoured one…and then another.  That night I ordered the boys pizza since I won a freebie on Super Bowl Sunday from Papa John’s.  It looked and smelled delicious, so I ended up eating two pieces of pizza.  After that, I figured I had crashed the diet bad enough, so why not really knock it out of the park with a bowl of ice cream.  Needless to say, I was feeling pretty chubby and disappointed in myself Monday morning.

I got back on track with some decent home cooked food Monday and an early morning run.  Tuesday I cooked a couple of new recipes, which turned out pretty stinkin’ good and then hit up the gym for a hard core treadmill workout.

The result of this morning’s weigh-in showed that I was down half a pound.  Definitely not what I’d like to see on the scale, but after a splurge week like this one, I’m just glad it didn’t go the opposite direction.  I’m ready to get back in the swing of things and knock off a couple more pounds before next week’s weigh-in.  Hopefully, I’ll have better results to share then.

Now I’ll tell you about my best first.

I love to experiment with my cooking, but it either turns out fantastic or awful.  My friend Angela and I have dubbed them “Jaime’s Famous Food Fumbles”.  I have made cookies with too much oil that ended up being one giant cookie the size of the pan, cheese sauce for broccoli that ended up being the consistency of dried rubber cement, and gravy that Chris called “Purple Urple” because of its strange color.

So, I was a little nervous when I decided to try two new recipes last night (neither of which came from a real recipe).  I made Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches and Italian Spinach (I know that’s a weird combo, but that’s what I’ve been craving).

When I served them at dinner, Chris proclaimed that this was my best dinner.  When I questioned him, he said not really my best ever, but my best first.  He was also particularly amazed that I had cooked two brand new things and both of them turned out great.  Apparently, I can get one right, but not both.  I was so excited because both recipes were really easy and everybody liked them.

BBQ Chick

This doesn’t look very appetizing, but we threw it on a bun and it was delish!  Look how empty the crock pot is.

BBQ Sauce

The great sauce that I mixed with the chicken.  We got this at Trolinger’s in Paris, TN.

Italian Spinach

The Italian Spinach I’ve been craving so badly.  It was even better reheated for today’s lunch.

I’m going to add both of the recipes to my recipes page if you’d like to check them out.

Let me know if you give either a try.

Have you had to have a stumble from reaching one of your goals to help get you kicked back into gear?  Tell me about it.

Thanks for reading,



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