Checkin’ It Out At Chik-fil-a

2 Feb

Today was a pretty good day.  It was very productive with just a few rough patches along the way.  I needed to make a Wal-mart run for some of the supplies for the cake I’m making. Plus, Chris volunteered me to make cupcakes for our friend’s Super Bowl party.

Since we were getting out to go to Wal-mart anyway, we let Bennett pick dinner.  Of course, he chose his favorite…Chik-fil-a.  That wasn’t an awful choice.  It’s not what I would have chosen, but we did leave it up to him so we were stuck.  Besides, the last time I went, I found out that they have grilled nuggets.  I paired them with a side salad and half a packet of fat free honey mustard for a mere 280 calories.  It was very tasty and will be my new go-to meal when we have to hit up a fast food restaurant.

Here’s the thing…have you ever been to a Chik-fil-a on a Friday night? It’s like dinner and a show in one.  It’s not the same as when you would normally go.  Not sure about where you live, but around Memphis, Chik-fil-a is always hopping.  The drive-thru line is normally wrapped around the building.  Fridays are just not the same.

Maybe it’s because people get off work on Friday and they don’t really feel like going somewhere that’s going to take forever.  They just want to eat and head back home.  It could also be that you can eat in peace (basically) because your kid can go in the soundproof cage playground and entertain themselves.

Anyways, you can do some major people watching in a place like this on a Friday night.  I thought I’d tell you about some of the observations I made.

1) A cashier with aspirations to become a stand-up comedian: Dude was tripping people out.  Obviously he wasn’t very happy to be the only one at the register while several people needed their drinks refilled and a few kids were requesting their ice cream.  He wasn’t rude about it.  He just mentioned throwing a little yodeling into the multi-tasking mix.

2) The gigantic kid that’s in the playground with all the little kids:  Not so weird if they’re with a younger sibling, but when they’re alone just having a good ole time. Can we say creepy?!?

3) The dude who makes an inappropriate comment to someone he obviously doesn’t know very well:  Um, if you have to ask the recipient of the comment five minutes after the incident if he remembers you, you probably shouldn’t say “Why are you wearing a beanie on top of your cap” and then follow it up with “What the heck did you do to your face?”

4) The crazed wife/girlfriend/baby momma of said recipient:  So, I don’t think she liked the comment because she quickly yelled ACROSS THE RESTAURANT for said commenter to to turn his head and attend to business at his own table.  Need I point out that crazed woman was getting the kids ice cream while the commenter was asking the recipient if he remembered him?  I’m thinking he did not want a piece of that action.

5) The cute little girl with the single dad:  Not for sure that he was single, but he didn’t have anyone with him except for the little girl that has most definitely got him wrapped around her adorable little finger.  I’m kinda thinking they had already been there for a while when we got there because they were done eating and he was already wearing the “I’m ready to get the heck outta dodge” look on his face. No matter how much he coaxed, he couldn’t pry her away from the playground.  Guessing he wasn’t up for making a scene, because he never got very firm with the princess little girl.  When he finally got her to leave, they were gone for about five minutes and then returned with the girl eating a ginormous ice cream cone and the dad looking a bit closer to the edge.

6) My favorite sight of the night:  There was a woman in the booth next to us that was with a little boy with Down Syndrome.  The boy seemed very happy and the woman seemed very patient, but that’s not the part I liked.  What I liked is that the boy went into the playground with no hesitation and joined the other kids.  He wasn’t afraid of what they would think of him.  The other part of this is that the other kids LET him join right in without questioning it a bit.  They didn’t look at him funny or treat him any differently.  It made me wonder at what point this may change in their lives.  I looked at Bennett playing with the boy and the rest of the children and I felt proud and hoped that he will never see a difference or feel that he is any better than this other child of God.  After the week I’ve had and stories I’ve just heard about one of my students bullying and mistreating others, I pray  that Bennett will put up a soundproof playground to block out the negative comments that I am certain he will hear at some point or another.

I’m so glad we chose to go to Chik-fil-a tonight.  In the hour that I was there, I ate a yummy meal that fit in my calories for the day, had a laugh, caught some drama, and watched a model for behavior from a group of kids that didn’t even realize just how great they were being.

Now I’m snuggled on the couch about to crash for the night and took a couple pictures on the iPad to show just how sweet my boy is.  I decided to omit those though and show the two where he decided he was tired of smiling and just wanted to be his goofy, (not-so) innocent self.



Have you had any cool people watching moments lately? Tell me about it.

Thanks for reading,




5 Responses to “Checkin’ It Out At Chik-fil-a”

  1. Angela February 2, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    As for eating healthy at Chick-fil-A, I have gotten their chicken wrap. If I remember right, it was like 400 calories and very good too. For a whole meal (and not a salad), that is another good option for you!

    • jaimebyram February 2, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

      That’s good to know. I’ll have to try one sometime when I’m really hungry.

  2. Lora February 3, 2013 at 1:14 am #

    love these observations…people watching is so much fun!!! i did a lot of that last night at the casinos. 🙂

  3. Laura February 3, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    He is so cute!! And I loved getting the grilled nuggets or the low carb grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup.

    • jaimebyram February 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

      Mmm…low carb chicken sandwich? Didn’t know they had that either. Sounds great! I’m really trying to watch my carbs right now.

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