Dazzling Descriptions of My Younger Days

25 Jan

One of my favorite things to do when my friends get together is sit around and tell stories about the crazy times we’ve had.  I love to sit and listen to my grandmother tell stories about her childhood and the way things used to be.  And who doesn’t love sharing hilarious stories about their siblings with brother and sister-in-laws?!?  I just couldn’t resist sharing the story of my brother singing karaoke in his big cowboy hat and showing off his awesome dance moves (when he was about 4,thankfully) with his girlfriend.  The more graphic these stories are, the more interesting and hilarious they tend to be.

I can still remember the details of those events so well.  I’ve always thought that I could never forget one thing about them.  I could look at a picture and see the whole story unfolding in my head.

Now, I’ve got 3 boxes of pictures, ranging from about two years before Bennett was born to a little after his first birthday, that I struggle to even put in order and label correctly.  This has really bothered me and made me hold off on doing anything with them.

I’ve kind of blamed this on my “old age”, but this week something made me think differently.  I’ve been teaching my kids about adjectives and how they help describe things. I’ve been telling them about how boring their stories are when they don’t use them and that others will enjoy reading it and remember it if they elaborate and help the reader picture the story in their head.

We did a fun activity where we ate some popcorn and then listed words that described it. I originally found it on Pinterest and it linked me to a first grade blog. The picture shows her idea, which I elaborated on to make it more challenging for my second graders.


The kids were having so much trouble.  They wanted to just gobble up the special treat and then could only say that it was “good”.  I told them to slow down and use their senses.  We then took the time to look at, smell, listen to, feel, and finally taste the popcorn.  They started coming up with wayyyy better words, such as delicious, noisy (when it pops), greasy, warm, and speckled (white and yellow).

Teachers are taught that we need to reflect on what we’ve done so that we can stick to the good parts and fix the bad parts.  So as I was driving home later that day, my mind fell on what REALLY worked in this lesson.  When I had the kids slow down and use all their senses, they got it, they enjoyed it so much more, and I bet they’ll remember it a little bit longer.

This led me to think about how I rush around going through the motions.  I do enjoy my life and try to be present in the moment, but I think sometimes I’m just preoccupied with other things that are going on in my life and not really taking the time to let it all sink in. Is this why I can’t organize and label my pictures? Have I let my preoccupied mind skip over the really important stuff?  I don’t know, but I decided it’s time to slow down and use my senses.  Maybe I’ll get it, enjoy it more, and remember it longer.

I want my kids and grandkids to love to sit around and listen to my dazzling descriptions of my younger days.  So I’m going to let it sink in one sense at a time.

Things I took in today:

See:  how happy Bennett was that I let Klyde ride with us to meet the bus this morning

Smell: all the yummy food in the teachers’ lounge knowing I had a bland “healthy” lunch

Hear: a student that NEVER stops talking didn’t speak for over an hour and I actually missed the sound of his voice

Taste: the yummy “healthy” Southwest Chicken Salad I made for dinner

Feel: my baby boy hugging me tight when I picked him up at the babysitter

What will your senses help you remember about today?

Thanks for reading,




2 Responses to “Dazzling Descriptions of My Younger Days”

  1. Terri Frankenberger January 25, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    Heyyyyy… new follower from the Memphis Bloggers group!! Are you on instagram also?
    Have a great weekend!!

    • jaimebyram January 25, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

      Great! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve read some great blogs through the group. I am on Instagram. @jaimebyram What’s your name on there?

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