Daily Devotionals Doing Their Duty

9 Jan

In my first post, I listed my goals for 2013.  One of the goals was to get closer to God.  Today I would like to tell you about my progress towards this goal and what I am doing to work on this area.

First, I’d like to say that was raised in church.  I’m a southerner with a traditional southern family and that’s just what we do.  We got dolled up every Sunday and went to church.  We weren’t deeply involved in any extracurricular church activities.  We pretty much just attended church on Sunday and signed up for the VBS each summer.

As I got older, I began to rebel against the idea of attending church.  I didn’t give up on my beliefs.  I just started to think of going to church as a “putting on a show”.  I felt like we were putting on our prettiest clothes to go make an appearance.  I thought that many people were hypocritical.  Some of them seemed to be putting on the show on Sundays and acting completely different for the remainder of the week.

In college, I began to yearn to return to church.  I felt the need to get closer to God.  Before I had Bennett I did find a church home.  It was the church my grandmother attended when I was little.  It was a small church that was very welcoming.  The people were friendly and the preacher’s message was down-to-earth and felt like it was meant for me.  When I first had Bennett I continued to go to church, but when your church is so small that there isn’t a nursery, you quickly realize you’re concentrating more on keeping your baby quiet so others can pay attention than hearing the message anyway.

I tell Bennett about Jesus and God all the time.  He is so curious and I want to nurture that curiosity and help him to feel God’s love.  I’ve realized while I’m talking to him that I want to know more and feel God’s love as well.  This is a major contributor to my decision to put this on my goal list.  In my quest to be a better mom, I’ve decided that I need to be a better Christian.

I have taken a couple of steps to help myself achieve this goal.  I have began to pray daily  and read from my bible a couple of times each week.  My friend Julie has also introduced me to a daily devotional that is emailed to me each morning.  It has been wonderful.  The very first day I received a message it felt like it was written to me.  It had a message called “Hurry is a heart condition”.  It talked about procrastination and how it takes it toll on you and your loved ones.   I could hear myself saying to Bennett every morning “Hurry up!  We’re going to be late.  I don’t want you to miss the bus.”  I don’t want Bennett to feel like he is always rushing through life.  Since that day, I have made a conscious effort to drop the word “hurry” from my vocabulary when speaking to him.  No matter if I think we’re going to be late, I make sure not to rush him.  I just try to streamline his routine when its crunch time.

I recommend this daily devotional to anyone, especially women, that is looking to get closer to God and welcome him into their daily routine.  You can sign up to receive it here.  When you go to the site, you will see today’s topic.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,



2 Responses to “Daily Devotionals Doing Their Duty”

  1. Laura January 9, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Great post and that’s aweome that he is so curious about God. We go to Hope and love it. It makes such a difference when you have a great church and I know what you mean about feeling like it was just putting on a show.

    • jaimebyram January 10, 2013 at 12:56 am #

      I just love answering his questions and hearing his take on God’s work. I’ve heard Hope is a great church with a lot of stuff going on. Too bad it’s such a drive!

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