My Hubby: Role Model or Routine Wrecker?

6 Jan


imageWhat kid doesn’t like to take a bath, splash water all over the bathroom, and play with the tub toys until their fingers look like prunes?  Mine.

Bennett started out like most normal kids. We had a pretty good routine down.  I would sit beside the tub and let him douse me with enough water to make my morning shower pointless. After sitting there as long as I could, I would quickly wash him up and get him out.  I’m not sure that any particular event changed his perception of the bath, but one day he told me he wanted to take a shower like daddy and didn’t want his head getting wet anymore.  I decided to humor him this one time.  After that, I can count on one hand the number of baths the child has taken.

Did you know that bath toys and bubble bath just aren’t as fun when you take a shower?  He started hating the whole bathing routine altogether.   It then became an act of of congress to get the kid to take a shower even.  Once I got him in there he expected me to have the whole job done in less than two minutes.  Needless to say, this wasn’t fun for anybody.

A month or so ago Chris came home from work and asked Bennett if he wanted to come take a shower in the “big” shower.  Of course this sounds fun to a kid that totally and completely adores his father.  This was the best thing I could have imagined.  By 6:00, my child was bathed, wearing his pajamas, and ready to eat dinner.  We then had the rest of the night to spend together without any fighting or rushing to get ready for bed.

They have followed this new routine every night since.  Apparently, I started getting a little spoiled to this awesome new technique, because Chris informed me last week that he would be going out of town for work for six days.  I try my best not to give him a hard time about this, but all I can think is that I will be running this household BY MYSELF for almost a week.

It did not even occur to me that the new bath routine would be disrupted.  That night all I could think is “Lord, please get me through bath time for the next five nights and I will never take it for granted again.” My child was begging for extra time before the bath, trying to make a deal so that he could finish his show, running from me, and hiding anything he thought I might need to get the job done.  He is a hard-head…but he got it somewhere, so of course I won the battle.

As I sat in the living room tonight and listened to them talking in the “big” bathroom, I thought about what an awesome husband I have.  He might drive me bonkers sometimes, but he is the best daddy I could ever hope to pick for my baby boy.  Yes, I was agitated that I was home alone with a “wrecked routine”, but it was because my husband does whatever it takes to support his family.  He is a hard worker that tries to teach his son right from wrong, how to be self-sufficient, and how to live life to its fullest with a positive attitude.

Yes, I sometimes wish that he would put his clothes in, rather than beside, the hamper or separate his shirts when he takes off multiple layers of clothing, but my hubby is definitely someone that I would be proud for my son to grow to be like.

I’ll take the  occasional bath time chaos in exchange for an awesome role model for my child any day.






3 Responses to “My Hubby: Role Model or Routine Wrecker?”

  1. Laura January 7, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    I nominated you for a Liebster!

  2. Laura January 9, 2013 at 12:57 am #

    Y’all’s son is so adorable!

    • jaimebyram January 9, 2013 at 5:28 am #

      Thanks! He is a mess. He was born on April Fool’s Day, which is perfect for his prankster personality.

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